Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mixed-media Series.

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When my sewing machine broke down a couple of month ago and I couldn't continue making the stitched patterns that had become a classic on my notebooks, I thought that stitched patterns were essential for the style of my notebooks. It was like an identity crisis for a moment.

However, I think that necessity is the mother of invention and invention is creativity. Since my machine broke down, I've started a new series of notebooks with collages on the covers.

As always I'm using recycled papers and almost never without modifying them first. There is always something to change. It is a process that takes many days and involves coffee, tea, eggs, typewritten texts, acrylic paint and polish. I scrutinize each paper for every detail of their natural properties and qualities in order tor make the beauty of torn edges, wrinkles, stains and their smooth tactile qualities visible. All papers are in brown, ochre colors and tones of grey.
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