Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Since some time ago, I'm experimenting with layers of papers making transfers of texts and also transfers images that I can show here later. 

Every notebook for me is a new field of experimentation with collages, starting from what I made in the previous notebook and finishing with something new that is for me a new discovery to apply in the next notebook. In that way, never I can repeat the same design and either exactly the same technique of collage.

The enjoynment of experimenting with papers and the beauty of their properties is something difficult to explaine. But I can show a couple of pictures of my last notebook. I'm very satisfaced with what I've got with it and it is one of my favorite notebooks I've made. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

_* R E U N I O N *_

These last posts are condensed notes of things I think while working with my crafts. I don’t pretend them to be very understandable, they are quite cumbersome; but to share them, because these are answers I’ve found to my questions about what crafts are for me.
I´m sorry for grammar mistakes.
I said in my previews post "Style" that the style of my notebooks is their essence and in my other preview post "Essence", I said that Heidegger explains that to like something is a correlation between our essence and the essence of what we like.
The style of my notebooks is the way I show the essence of a notebook.
The style of my notebooks is one between all the possible ways that a notebook could be made by others.
To like something is trough our perception of the thing.
Perception is the internal sensation as a result of a material impression in our senses. The perception presents to me a set of sensations as the way in which I'm affected by the notebooks. In the perception of my notebooks I find the correlation between my essence(mind) and the essence of the notebook.
The perceptual thing, the notebook, is in the middle between my essence and its essence (its style). They form part of the collection or constellation of properties (the notebook´s materiality), plus the characteristics of the style.
Constellation suggest a turn, movement, a directed movement that takes me in direction to a reunion between the essence of the notebook and my essence.
The reunion is the union of all of what the notebook gives me through its materiality and style plus all the sensations I get trough my perception of them.  The re-union is the correlation between my essence(mind) and the essence of the notebook in the interior of that constellation. This reunion is a reflective detention, an inward-looking, an introspection where I'm taken at the moment of writing in the notebook or when I hold it in my hands feeling its materiality. In this way is how the notebook makes me wish to write in it and inspires me trough my connection with it.
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