Monday, 27 April 2009


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Robert Smithson was a conceptual artist between the years of 1964-1973. My notebook has a double relation with him. I've called this notebook "Smithson" because of him and the second relation is with my story-map, because some of the materials that Robert Smithson used to work with, were photography, language and maps.

This notebook was a custom request from a friend from London as a present for another friend of her. She told me that her friend was working with art. At that time I had a book about Robert Smithson and I decided to use some texts of him for typewriting on the covers. "Smithson" is one of the notebooks I have put more work on it, typewriting, stitching, choosing texts,binding, etc, When making it, I got the idea of putting the elastic band in diagonal,holding the covers by the corners like in a cardboard folder.

"Smithson" has gone too and his pin is located in London in my story-map. But the owner of the notebook is now in Sweden and probably she brought "Smithson" with her. I would like to see it.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Inside out.

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I started the story-map "Where the notebooks have gone" without a map in the previous post. I had found the perfect map I need for the story, in , but this only works in the U.S. Finally I found one that comply with the function I need. You can interact with the map finding many playful options.

Today I add another notebook on the map: "Nervation". It was made putting its covers inside out. When the covers were finished and ready to place on the pages with the black part inside, I realized of the beauty of the stitched pattern under the black mate paper, producing a relief that looks like nerves or veins under the skin.

Nervation was sold and has gone to Quebec, Canada. I'm glad that this notebook was bought by a sensitive person who knew to appreciate very well everything I put working on the notebook.

Now I am making a custom request in the same style of Nervation that will go to Taiwan. But this is a story for another pin on the map in the next post.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


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Every one with an online shop sells products to different countries. This is nothing out of the ordinary; but I thought that it can be something nice to make posts telling you where my notebooks have gone. For that, every mentioned place in the posts will be marked with pins on a story-map that I will put in the sidebar, so you will be able to see the location of every sold notebook.
This post has also function of "story-map test" to see how this map works. I can try this idea starting with "Cherry", the first notebook posted in my blog, but not the first one I made.
"Cherry" is in Tartu, Estonia. This notebook was not sold, but was made as a present for Riina, my girlfriend's mother. She gave me an old roll of paper of Telex -an old communication system today useless- and I gave her this notebook as gratitude. Many times she gives me materials for my notebooks.
"Cherry" has 80 hand sewn blank pages of old telex paper . The covers are made with red envelopes that have got a beautiful cherry color after the treatment I give always to the covers papers, not properly visible in the pictures and it is one of my favorite notebooks. The size is 15x10.5cm

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Sunday, 12 April 2009

I've been featured in the front page of Etsy with one of my notebooks, "Simple", my most simple notebook and the first one with very flexible covers. I'm thrilled!

Also, as of today it is SALES TIME in my Etsy shop. In the picture you can see the price of "Simple" is $15. Now it is $10. Almost all my notebooks are on sale and I've made discounts up to $10!

For some time now I've been thinking of restarting with my handmade bags with recycled fabrics. I'll post soon pictures of some bags I've made and explain the style and how I like to make them. It would be nice to receive some feedback from you.
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