Monday, 1 March 2010

A Meaningful Logo For My Crafts.

Some time ago I thought that my crafts need a logo. After making some designs I realized that it had to be meaningful. Not a meaning given to me, but for the native people of the place that I feel closely related to, that is Patagonia in Argentina. The native people from Patagonia are called the Mapuches. They have a millenary symbol that is a musical instrument called Kultrum and they are also using it today in their flag.
 For an easy explanation of the symbol and its meaning I have made a translation from a short description in Spanish in Wikipedia.

“It is a bowl-shaped drum, approximately 35 to 40 cm diameter and with a height of 12 to 15 cm.

It is the most important musical instrument of the Mapuche culture, it is used by the machi (medical, healer, shaman) for rituals as well as during the rogation of Nguillatun (annual rite of fertility).

The kultrum or Cultrun with its bowl-shaped form represents half of the universe or the world in the Mapuche world view, in the leather patch of the drum the four cardinal points are represented, which are the omnipotent powers of Nguenechen (God) master of the universe. These are represented as two-way cross lines and their ends branch into three lines, representing the legs of choique (ostrich); inside the rooms that are divided by lines described above the four seasons are drawn”.

For the logo of my crafts I have extracted the drawing in yellow circle with the brown cross on the leather patch of the instrument.
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