Tuesday, 3 February 2009


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I've started experimenting with jewellery. It is my first pair of earring. As with my notebooks, I like to give them a bit of old style look and this is its story.

In these earrings I've added some kind of mechanical or industrial look that I made thinking in a mix between an old balance and a pendulum or in an old balance with pendulum.

It has a tiny black wheel that holds all the wire structure of the earring from its hole in the center. The earring has in the back a pendulum hanging from the wheel's axis. In the front part, it has a 1/3 of circle that I made thinking in the ruler of the balance that measures the wight, or some ruler that measures in grades the trajectory of the pendulum.

Up on the wheel, the structure has a little circle which is not supporting the earring, and it is crossed by the wire that is supporting from the center of the wheel all the structure. This part would be like the needle of the balance, and then a little chain attached to the hook.. That's it.

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tulibri said...

There’s this KreativBlogger Award I passed on to you! Read more about it on my blog (scroll down for English text, please):

catherine said...

I LOVE those earrings as much as I love your notebooks! :)

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