Friday, 6 February 2009

Marre's Blog

Tonight I want to add want more link in my list.

This is the blog of a friend from Estonia:Marretsy(english) and Vaatan(estonian).She makes very beautiful jewellery with an elegant and very femenine style.

I must tell that my first pair of earrings, "Pendulum", I made in Marre's place in Christmas time in a very nice evening listening Yann Tiersenn and playing with her black cat during the brakes. I went once, I made one earring and, at the next week I went back for making the second one. I've learnt that days what is that paste called "polymer clay" and also I started reading a book of sociology that she borrowed me and I haven't given back yet to her. So, these earrings,"Pendulum" and my begining with jewellery in Etsy is thanks to her.


marre said...

oh, thank you for your kind words! we had a really nice time making all this jewellery together :) and you are really skilled in this kind of things. hope you'll visit me again once you come to Est :)

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