Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A raven flying to Taiwan.

I’m going to update this map that has been abandoned for quite a long time.

This is not a new pin on the map, but a new notebook in the pin for Taiwan. This is for Must Ronk (Black Raven), the black notebook I made inspired by the crows from Estonia. This notebook has been flying with me back and forth between Sweden and Estonia during its making this summer, and ended up flying alone to Taiwan.

When I thought about a completely black notebook, my question was that you cannot write or draw on it with a regular pencil and it should be white to be visible - that can be visually interesting - but in the end it didn´t matter. For the first time I’ve made a notebook just thinking about its aesthetics and not to much in its function.

Finally Must Ronk found its rightful owner in Taiwan the same day I put the pictures online in Flickr. She is an artist who has bought also another one of my notebooks, Nervation. It is very nice for me to think that some of my notebooks are so far away from me, appreciated by artists and used for their work.

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