Sunday, 6 September 2009

Alo ja Leila Lugu or Alo & Leila's Story.

This book captures the love story of Alo and Leila who are getting married today in a small peninsula in Estonia.
My friends are interested in eco-friendly life and folk traditions. With this scrapbook I've tried to mix a bit of the style of Estonian folk traditions, especially in the choice of materials like linen, traditional patterns from folk clothes and linen-felt.
In the pages inside there are all kinds of hand-written papers, cards, concert-tickets, printed sms-messages and a calendar made by themselves. All things from activities they have been sharing since they met.
For making this scrapbook, I didn't want to add glue or to do any modifications to their papers, so with an idea of a botanical book in mind, I've attached every single card and tickets with thin tapes of paper from a recycled paper bag in the way that they can take off any of these cards and notes at any time. Also, there is plenty of space for adding new memories.

Hard covers, 30x21cm.

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