Thursday, 23 April 2009

Inside out.

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I started the story-map "Where the notebooks have gone" without a map in the previous post. I had found the perfect map I need for the story, in , but this only works in the U.S. Finally I found one that comply with the function I need. You can interact with the map finding many playful options.

Today I add another notebook on the map: "Nervation". It was made putting its covers inside out. When the covers were finished and ready to place on the pages with the black part inside, I realized of the beauty of the stitched pattern under the black mate paper, producing a relief that looks like nerves or veins under the skin.

Nervation was sold and has gone to Quebec, Canada. I'm glad that this notebook was bought by a sensitive person who knew to appreciate very well everything I put working on the notebook.

Now I am making a custom request in the same style of Nervation that will go to Taiwan. But this is a story for another pin on the map in the next post.


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Esta es hermosa, parecen las lineas de Nazca!!

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