Monday, 27 April 2009


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Robert Smithson was a conceptual artist between the years of 1964-1973. My notebook has a double relation with him. I've called this notebook "Smithson" because of him and the second relation is with my story-map, because some of the materials that Robert Smithson used to work with, were photography, language and maps.

This notebook was a custom request from a friend from London as a present for another friend of her. She told me that her friend was working with art. At that time I had a book about Robert Smithson and I decided to use some texts of him for typewriting on the covers. "Smithson" is one of the notebooks I have put more work on it, typewriting, stitching, choosing texts,binding, etc, When making it, I got the idea of putting the elastic band in diagonal,holding the covers by the corners like in a cardboard folder.

"Smithson" has gone too and his pin is located in London in my story-map. But the owner of the notebook is now in Sweden and probably she brought "Smithson" with her. I would like to see it.

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