Sunday, 9 August 2009


After a long while not updating this blog I want to show some kind of experiment. I'm trying to make messenger bags with a similar style to the notebooks, but based on an idea that I would like to develop together with the style of the bags.
I attempted to make a small bag looking as simple as possible, but with a lot of work with the stitching pattern, like with the covers of my notebooks. Fusion is the name of the bag because it is the name of the idea that I want to work with. This idea is about my re-encounter with the most essential and primitive geometrical patterns of cultures from South-America, that is my origin and discovery of the similarities they share with primitive geometrical patterns from Northern Europe, that is the environment where I live now. To do so, my designs won't try to imitate patterns from South America or Northern Europe, but they will have a touch of the essence I find in common between them from my personal point of view. 

2 (Medium)
1 (Medium)

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jacky said...

thank you for sending me your updates.
Your fusion idea is wonderful...the bags are beautiful!
Keep experimenting and playing!

thank you again

Sebastian Alvarez said...

Thanks you for your comment. Your words are very nice. I'll try to keep updating this blog with the process of this Fusion experiment plus other ideas in relation with crafts, folk and ecology.

Epp said...

Great idea, and superb realization as well! Cool supplement to your line - something different yet not too far away from your previous creations. Well done, really! :)

helen said...

That's such a great idea! I suspect that in addition to your notebooks, some bags are really wanting to live with me in the future ;)

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